Virtual Choir

Interested in participating in The Church of the Epiphany’s “Virtual Choir”? It’s easy!

  • Download the guide audio track and sheet music from the links below.
  • Load the guide track onto your laptop, desktop computer, or smartphone. Remember, it needs to be on a device other than the one you’ll use to do the recording.
  • Listen to the guide track using headphones or earbuds and rehearse until you’re ready to record.
  • Set up the device you’ve chosen to record your video and audio and, when ready, press record. Then press play on your guide audio track, ensuring that you have headphones on in order to hear the guide track and to prevent the sound of the guide track being re-recorded in with your own performance. If you’ve never recorded yourself with a smartphone or laptop, here’s a nice tutorial that can get you started.
  • When you’re done and happy with your rendition, save your video, export it, and send it to us by uploading it into our Google Drive folder. If necessary, you can also email it directly to us at

We’ll do the rest! If you have any questions or need a bit of technical assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me (

February – Ave verum by Mozart