Our People

People make Church of the Epiphany shine!

Priest in Charge

The Rev. Richard O. Bridgford

Assistant Priest

The Rev. Julia Ashby

The people of Epiphany Norfolk uphold Julia as a Grandmother Priest. She has a flexible part time position as Assisting Priest so that she is able to spend time caring for her 3 grandsons in Northern Virginia. This works well because Richard Bridgford, the (also part time) Priest-in-Charge, leads a worshiping community where the people live out their baptismal vows as a “priesthood of all believers.” It’s been 26 years since Julia took her kiddos to Seabury-Western Episcopal Seminary in Chicago; for those years, she and her husband Chan briefly had a commuter marriage that, by the grace of God,, has lasted over forty blessed years. She was ordained to the priesthood on the Eve of the Epiphany, 1998, at Eastern Shore Chapel in Virginia Beach. Julia has been at Epiphany six years. She loves the parish; her work with them is fun and mutually fulfilling as they share Christ’s mission and love both inside and outside the church’s walls.

WardenJoyce Williams
WardenBrian Pritchard
TreasurerJohn Greene
Director of MusicJoe Ritchie
RegisterMonique Matuskowitz
Parish ClerkJohn Moscoe
SextonCarol Fernandez

Lectors & Chalicers

  • John Childers
  • Anita Neuer Colburn
  • Ariel Fernandez
  • Jerry Cronin
  • Marcie Kidd
  • Brian Pritchard
  • Mike Scott
  • Mary Shaffer


  • Ray Steckman (Head Usher)
  • Chris Colburn
  • David Jones
  • Kathy Moore
  • Jackie Rochelle
  • Kevin LaPointe
  • Jennifer O’Connell
  • Dan Swain
  • Tom Gilleland



  • Chris Colburn
  • Monique Matuskowitz
  • Mary Shaffer


  • Jim Fisher
  • Tom Gilleland
  • Joyce William


  • Vaughn Coffman
  • Ariel Fernandez
  • Brian Pritchard

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