Church of the Epiphany

At Lafayette Boulevard and Versailles Avenue, have you noticed the spacious open area on that corner dominated by a huge Magnolia tree. Beautiful isn’t it? Looking closer you can’t help but notice the church situated toward the back of the property. Also lovely don’t you think? Certainly diminutive in comparison to other churches with soaring architectures that grace the Hampton Roads area. It is called the Church of the Epiphany. Curious now, aren’t you?

Epiphany is small church in physical size and congregation but it offers so much more. It has an openness in the hearts and minds of its members that is missing in so many areas of our lives today. We are inclusive, as God would want us to be. Your station in life is not a criteria for us… your presence and fellowship are what we desire.

Throughout our lifespan, we come in contact with numerous groups of people. Maybe a fraternity or sorority in school, the PTA, neighborhood watch, civic league, the list goes on and on. Yet it’s different for each of us. What’s the philosophy of the group, what it accomplishes, is it satisfying to be a part of that group?

For a number of us, there comes a point in our lives when we feel the need to establish our relationship with God and Jesus Christ. Then the big question where will I find that answer? Some will follow a family tradition in what religion to follow. Others, for a myriad of reasons, will be a little more experimental. They will sample the various sacraments and rituals of different congregations. We propose that Epiphany is a prime candidate for spiritual exploration.

We offer a dichotomy. One the one hand, as we are an Episcopal church, we do adhere to the rituals lay forth in the Book of Common Prayer. Our ancestor is the Anglican Church of England. We’ve made some changes over the years. That is our structure and base.

Our other side is the human side. We have no barriers. Your skin color, sexual orientation, socio-economic standing are a part of our inclusiveness. We care about you as a human being in a tumultuous world and want to see your spiritual needs met.

1530 Lafayette Boulevard
Norfolk, VA 23509
(757) 622-7672

After 31 years of service, the priest in charge has retired and we are now in a transition. We will continue weekly Sunday service and have weekly rotation of a guest priest until further notice.