Church of the Epiphany


Church of the Epiphany is an inclusive and diverse Episcopal congregation in the historic Lafayette-Winona neighborhood in Norfolk, VA, whose people come from all walks of life and choose to journey together to seek, serve and worship Christ.

1530 Lafayette Boulevard
Norfolk, VA 23509
(757) 622-7672
Priest in Charge:  The Reverend Richard O. Bridgford
Assisting Priest:   The Reverend Julia Ashby

Please view our Epiphany Moments page for glimpses of the life of our community!

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  1. Mary Shaffer

    Gayle Greene and I were honored to represent the Church of the Epiphany at the award luncheon for the Elizabeth River Project. We received the honor because of our efforts as a community to enhance our environment. We have replaced our lighting with LED, our roof is made from recycled materials, our yard sale, and the rain garden. United Methodist of Portsmouth was the other church represented. We should be very proud that our little parish makes such an impact.

  2. susie pedigo

    Design great, again I will make comment on gray appearance of text. and old eyes. Also, Not sure of its purpose but low on content. I don’t see a reason for a member to look at it. Is it meant for nonmembers?

  3. Ruth Kenworthy Ecker

    The website looks terrific! Congratulations to all involved. Its been a while since I visited Norfolk, but whenever I do, I find my way to Epiphany that hold so many wonderful memories. Thank you to the clergy, vestry and all those who take a lay leadership role in making Epiphany a very special church.

    Ruth Kenworthy Ecker

    • David L. Jones

      Dear Ruth,

      We would love to see you. I will never forget your parents. They were wonderful people and who lead by example.

      David Jones

  4. Donna Jones Simpson

    Mr. Bridgford, I have thought fondly of you for most of my life and want you to know what a profound effect you have had in my life. I was your student at Willard Jr. High the first year you taught. Your enthusiasm, warmth, devilishness and sense of humor, and your frequent going off the subject was a source of delight for your students. You inspired me.

    I retired in 2008 after 33 years as a Special Educator, 5 years in Norfolk and the rest of my career in Hampton where I live. I married a teacher and have one son.

    Thank you so very much for being my teacher, an inspiration and for your many kindnesses to me.

    Fondly, Donna Jones Simpson

    • Donna.
      Thank you so much for your very kind words. They are so much appreciated. I had lunch the other day with Don Beamon and we shared memories of our days at Willard. Those were good times for me, and I so well remember all of you. I think you taught me more than I taught you. And I am so happy that you went into teaching and had a successful career – especially with special needs kids. And you even married a teacher. That was a brave act.
      It’s wonderful to hear from you, and thank you again for writing.
      Richard Bridgford+

  5. Phil Okkerse

    To anybody who would remember us, Rev. Kenneth H okkerse used to be the priest there in the seventies. anybody who may remember us Grace okkerse passed away July 8 of this year. she passed away from terminal cancer at the age of 86.

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