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July 2024

Spring was wonderful as we had quite a lovely one. Now into the throws of Summer we go. July and August are challenging in regards to the weather, with high temps, high humidity and some of those nasty thunderstorms that can make your teeth rattle and the hair on your neck stand up. AC units can sure take a hit during this time.

Keep an extra eye out for elderly or sick neighbors during this heated period: make sure that they have cooling and hydration. If your ear catches the sound of a barking dog for too long, take a walk to see if it is in distress because of the heat or neglect. Keep water elements clean and full, as well one or two on the ground for the rabbits and such. A rolled-up washcloth left in the birdbath for the bees is nice and extra bird seed, especially suet, keeps up the energy for our feathered friends.

From the Family Circus Comic. Billy says to Dolly: “Heat makes things expand. That’s why days are longer in Summer.” Cute.

Enjoy your summer, be safe, be happy.


Last month Epiphany had a clean-up day for both interior and exterior. A welcomed group took quite a bit off the “to do” list. The weather was perfect. Thank you to each. 

A list remains on the bulletin board of items that could still use some attention, please, and be at your leisure. Please mark off any item you may complete. Thank you in advance.

Fall Yard & Bake Sale

As requested in last weeks service announcements, we are looking for a team to put together a Yard & Bake Sale in the Fall. The monies raised will go towards the roof fundraiser. Carter and Jim have volunteered to be part of the team….Who’s next? 4 or 5 people teaming up for organizing and advance pricing would be perfect. The Crayola classroom will be used for early drop off now of clean items. Please leave it in hallway outside of classroom as priced items will be kept in the classroom. The library and the nursery will also be utilized for advance items. Clean clothes will be accepted. No gas items in advance unless completely empty. The rainy day for the Spring sale was not appreciated, yet it still brought in a decent amount. The bake sale was a hit with over $800.00 made. Hey Mary & Joyce – are you up for it again in the Fall?!

Roof Fundraiser

Our reserves for Renovation and Repair took a hit in Jan & Feb for repairs to the large roof over the parish hall and removal of trees from the alley to the tower. We now have another hit to R&R as the rector’s office and the two smaller roofs between the parish hall and sanctuary need attention. Mike Diaz undertook the previous roof project as well as this one and diligently produced 3 estimates for the vestry to consider. The vestry approved one for $9,600.00. These repairs and replacements are necessary to protect the building, as you all are aware. Thank you in advance for your support. 

Speaking of financials, Epiphany is doing fine in paying our bills on time and pledges remain mainly up to date. The vestry and treasurer thank you all for the continued support.

Priest Search and Scheduling

A continued effort in working out a plan for a priest for Epiphany remains a priority. Advent and Epiphany continue to look at the possibility of having a (2) priest team to supply the needs of both churches. Both churches are wanting strictly a part-timer…finding them is the issue. Service times would also need to be considered. With that said, please share your thoughts amongst each other, co-wardens and vestry on Epiphany having an 11:00 a.m. service instead of 10:00 a.m., as that could very well be a possible requirement to have a working priest amongst us.

The Supply Priest scheduling has been a blessing from the start back in August of 2023, as has been organist scheduling. We have only had two Morning Prayer sessions and the three that were to have been in July, August & September have now been changed to communion with the recent scheduling of supply priests. Oct, Nov, Dec scheduling is coming along, and we have our Epiphany service covered with both a presider and organist. Christmas Eve service is steps away from being filled.

Each of our supply priests have commented on just how much they enjoy serving Epiphany and its congregation. The warmth and welcoming and the dogs make for a wonderful reason to be with us.


If you are interested in joining the Altar or Flower Guilds, see Jim.

If you would like to usher, see Mary Shaffer.

Want to join the choir, see anyone in choir (or just come on up, have a seat and make a joyful noise!!)

Service Information for July

July 7th – Cookout celebrating July 4th, and July Birthdays and Anniversaries

  • The Rev. Marie Kirk-Clunan, Deacon,
  • with The Rev. Canon Win Lewis assisting
  • Pat Spoettle – Organist
  • Len & Tina Wright – Altar
  • Marcia Cronin – Flowers 
  • Tina Wright – Lector
  • Susie Pedigo – Usher

July 14th – 11:00 a.m. service

  • Those arriving at 10 a.m. will be gratefully and enthusiastically welcomed into the choir!
  • The Rev. Julia Ashby
  • Pat Spoettle – Organist 
  • Kevin LaPointe – Altar 
  • Jim Fisher – Flowers 
  • Marcie Kidd – Lector 
  • Tommy Gilleland – Usher

July 21st

  • The Rev. Peg Buelow
  • Scott Foxwell – Organist 
  • Ariel Fernandez – Altar 
  • Joyce Williams – Flowers 
  • Jim Fisher – Lector 
  • Jackie Rochelle – Usher

July 28th – 11:00 a.m. service

  • Those arriving at 10 a.m. will again be gratefully and enthusiastically welcomed into the choir!
  • The Rev. Julia Ashby
  • Scott Foxwell – Organist
  • Kevin LaPointe – Altar
  • Jim Fisher – Flowers
  • Brian Pritchard – Lector
  • Kevin LaPointe – Usher

Congratulations to The Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe the newly  elected 28th presiding bishop of The Episcopal Church.

Symbolism of July in the Bible 

In the Bible, the number seven represents completeness and perfection. July, being the seventh month of the year, holds this symbolism. It is a time to reflect on the completeness of God’s creation and the perfection of His plan for humanity.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.” 

Have a wonderful July, a Happy & Safe July 4th, & don’t overdo it on National Hot Dog Day – July 17th! 

Jim Fisher, Co-Warden 

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