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There is a TV news show that often follows the big national news programs. It’s called “Inside Edition.” It usually doesn’t cover the big worldwide interests, but the next level down – things that may be of interest to some viewers, but not everyone.

Last night (Tuesday night) they had a segment on “new scientific evidence” that determines how long we will live. According to this “scientific evidence”, we can determine our remaining life span – up to 10 years – by how many seconds we can stand on one foot without falling over. In other words, if we fall over after seven seconds, we have seven years of life left. “Scientists” have been monitoring this for a number of years and it is confirmed – up to 10 years.

Well! I’ve always wondered how God determines our life spans. It all seems so easy. God, you have been complicating this for us. Egrets must have very long life spans. And I’m going to have to start practicing mine. While checking it out last night, I did notice that my life span is considerably shorter if I’m in front of a mirror. I hope God has an answer to that. Maybe I’d better start removing a few mirrors.

Now if you are going to try this, be careful. We don’t need a bunch of sprained wrists in church on Sunday. If in doubt, just say a little prayer. It’s safer, and makes more sense.

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July 1, 2022


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