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April 2024

Excerpted from “Who is Looking Forward to the Monday after Easter?” by Patreeya Prasertvit

We are a forgetful people.

Monday is perhaps the most forgetful day of the week. We live much of our lives with this escapist drive toward the weekend, thinking that those two days will fulfill all of our needs and dreams. More sleep. More time to work on (whatever). Time with people (we) like. Time with God.

Then Monday rolls around.

We prepare our hearts in anticipation of Easter. We reflect on the cross and its significance. We feel the long, heavy pause between Good Friday and Easter Sunday – waiting for the discovery of an empty grave and a risen Savior. And then it comes. He comes!

And then it’s Monday.

The temptation is to treat Easter like it’s an ending. The eggs have all been found, Jesus is risen, we went to church, and now it’s back to “normal life.”

But nothing was normal after Jesus.

Easter was a revolution. It was the day after which nothing was the same ever again. When a man who claims to be God rises from the dead, “business as usual” isn’t a thing. 

Easter isn’t just a time to pause and reflect on some nice truths we tend to forget about the rest of the year. It is the entire crux of our faith. It is the only reason we have to hope.

If there was ever a time for significant life changes, it should be the Monday after Easter.

Because Easter is a beginning, not an ending.

It’s THE beginning, the fresh start all of our hearts long for. It isn’t about fluffy bunnies and pastel colors – it’s about the radical death, relentless love and revolutionary power of our God. 

The cross, the empty grave and the resurrected Jesus not only give us a reason to hope for change, they give us the power to change. Rather than us trying to change from our own efforts, the resurrection changes us.

See the full essay at:


Original article link: https://patreeya.wordpress.com/2017/04/17/come-alive/

Lenten program, Holy Week and Easter Sunday

The Lenten program was well attended for the 5 weeks that it ran.

Holy Week had average turnout comparable to past years.

Easter Sunday was a beautiful day and a trifecta win with The Rev. Julia Ashby presiding, Joe Ritchie playing the organ and James Coaxum singing a solo, “The Holy City” by Stephen Adams, that brought many in the congregation to moving tears. Thank you all for a beautiful service.

Also, a big shout out to the congregation of Epiphany. Each of you are part of the machine that is keeping our church humming along. Our Sunday service attendance averages 35; pledges are being kept up to date; fellowship after service has been vibrant; we have been blessed in having weekly presiders and organists; and there is a good energy all around. The Wardens and Vestry Thank You. 


April 6th 10:00 a.m. – ODU fraternity 

April 11th Vestry meeting – 6:30 social/meal – 7:00 meeting

April 14th Advent and Epiphany Wardens/Transition teams meet @ 12:30 p.m. with The Reverend Canon Win Lewis in the Parish hall.

Tax Day April 15th

April 27th 4:00 p.m. The Wedding of Jim Fisher & Kevin LaPointe

The Rev. Richard Bridgford officiating and The Rev. Canon Win Lewis celebrating. Joe Ritchie, organist. James Coaxum, soloist.

Nominations for Presiding Bishop

The Episcopal Church’s Joint Nominating Committee for the election of Presiding Bishop announced the names of the bishops it will nominate to succeed Presiding Bishop Michael Curry. They are:

The Rt. Rev. J. Scott Barker Diocese of Nebraska;

The Rt. Rev. Daniel G.P. Gutie’rrez Diocese of Pennsylvania;

The Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania

and Western New York; and

The Rt. Rev. Robert Wright Diocese of Atlanta.

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s 9 year term expires October 31, 2024, and The Presiding Bishop Elect’s 9 year term begins November 1, 2024.

Red Cross Month

We are in need of volunteers who can commit to one monthly shift, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Most shifts are 5-6 hours. There will be an information session on March 19th at 12 p.m. The information session will be conducted via ZOOM. To register, please sign on to Volunteer Connection, look under the tab “my region” and select Virginia Volunteer Information Session or email your recruiter for the link. Katherine.haninger@redcross.org

Service Information for April

April 7th
The Rev. CanonWin Lewis – Presider 
Pat Spoettle – Organist
Len & Tina Wright – Altar
Marcia Cronin – Flowers 
Mary Shaffer – Lector
Jackie Rochell – Usher

April 14th
The Rev. Hayes Purdue – Presider 
Pat Spoettle – Organist 
Kevin LaPointe – Altar 
Jim Fisher – Flowers 
Jerry Cronin – Lector 
Kevin LaPointe – Usher

April 21st
The Rev. John Baldwin – Presider 
Scott Foxwell – Organist 
Ariel Fernandez – Altar 
Joyce Williams – Flowers 
Gayle Greene – Lector 
Kathy Moore – Usher

April 28th
The Rev. Chip Russell – Presider
Joe Ritchie – Organist
Kevin LaPointe – Altar
Jim Fisher – Flowers
John Greene, Jr. – Lector
Susie Pedigo- Usher

Thank you & have a wonderful April!
Jim Fisher – Co-Warden 

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