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May 2024

Here we are, beginning our 5th month of this year. It simply amazes me how time flies and waits for no one. 

Liturgically, it is a time flying month as well and will include a day of honoring all the mothers of life. 

We begin with Rogation Sunday on May 5th. As has been tradition with our church, Epiphany, the beating of the bounds & spreading of grass seed will continue. John and Mary will lead Morning Prayer and read The Great Litany in procession of prayer and a sharing of hope in Gods goodness to nourish every endeavor which enables people to flourish. The beating of the bound’s elements will be added to the grill for burning and after service is over there will be a cookout. Shared potluck side dishes are encouraged. 

Rogation is an ancient church festival to seek blessing for a community and its sustenance. The word rogation comes from the Latin word rogare, meaning “to ask”, which reflects the beseeching of God for protection from calamities. Rogation invites people to ask for blessings- for a particular place; for all its inhabitants; for every endeavor to promote the common good. It is totally inclusive-  joining everyone in seeking sustenance and a commitment to play their part in its provision. 

Rogation Sunday provides an opportunity for churches to seek blessing for communities that are places with no safety, for individuals that are hidden, ignored and exploited- a far cry from the vision God gives in the Bible of healthy communities where the vulnerable are provided for.  

As churches take the opportunity to ask for blessing in each parish, may we recognize the realities of those denied a proper place in the community, and include in our prayers and through our endeavors, a commitment that they may be properly seen, set free, and enabled to make their own desires known, that they may be a precious part of the fuller unfolding of Gods goodness. 

Next up, Rogation Days. Mon, Tues, Weds, after Rogation Sunday are days of fasting and prayer leading up to the feast of the Ascension on Thursday that will be celebrated on Sunday May 12th, along with Mother’s Day.

Ascension for Christians is derived from our belief in the glorification and exaltation of Jesus following his death and Resurrection, as well from the theme of his return to God the Father. The event indicates a new relationship between Jesus and God and between Jesus and his followers. Ascension emphasizes the kingship of Christ.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!!

Whit Sunday/ Pentecost (May 19th) is regarded as the birthday of the Christian church and commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Christ’s disciples as well the start of the Church’s mission to the world since, according to the book of Acts, the Apostles suddenly found themselves speaking in other languages, enabled by the Holy Spirit. Don’t forget to don your red for this day! 

Trinity Sunday (May 26th). On this day we celebrate God’s self-revelation as a Trinity of Persons and Corpus Christi the celebration of Body and Blood of Jesus in the Eucharist.

Three entwined circles represent the Trinity, with its three eternal and unified members. According to the Athanasian Creed, we worship one God in Trinity and Trinity in unity and so Borromean rings have been used to represent this idea. An association can be traced back to Saint Augustin of Hippo (354-430). 


Go, therefore, because you are children of the Triune God and partners in God’s work of light, life, and love that even now is at work all around us. May the mystery of the Trinity enfold you, the glory of the Trinity astound you, and the love of the Trinity companion you on your way. Amen. 


  • May 16th – Vestry – 6:30 p.m. dinner – 7 p.m. meeting
  • May 18th – The Annual Yard Sale – 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.
    The Fernandez group, minus Kaylee, and the usual regulars will be there @ 5:00 a.m. to begin setup. Extra help is always appreciated! The kitchen will be manned by Wes & Molly Irby.
  • June 8th – Clean Up Day
    A Clean Up Day around the church grounds is being scheduled for June 8th. A list of “what to do” will be out by May 19th and yes, like the last clean-up, volunteers may begin the chores early and on their own schedule. Please scratch out the completed item and print your name next to it. The clipboard will be on the console table outside the office.

Service Information for May

  • May 5th – Rogation Sunday – Morning Prayer
    Mary Shaffer and John Childers lead. 
    Mary Shaffer and John Childers lead. 
    Joe Ritchie – Organist
    Len & Tina Wright – Altar
    Marcia Cronin – Flowers 
    Tina Wright – Lector
    Tommy Gilleland – Usher
  • May 12th – Ascension Sunday
    The Rev. Julia Ashby – Presider 
    Scott Foxwell – Organist 
    Kevin LaPointe – Altar 
    Jim Fisher – Flowers 
    Jim Fisher – Lector 
    Jackie Rochelle – Usher
  • May 19th – Pentecost Sunday
    The Rev. Peg Buelow – Presider 
    Pat Spoettle – Organist 
    Ariel Fernandez – Altar 
    Joyce Williams – Flowers 
    Marcie Kidd – Lector 
    Kevin LaPointe – Usher
  • May 26th – Trinity Sunday
    The Rev. Berkley Ford – Presider
    Scott Foxwell – Organist
    Kevin LaPointe – Altar
    Jim Fisher – Flowers
    Brian Pritchard – Lector
    Kathy Moore – Usher

A personal note

Kevin & I thank the many of you who attended our wedding ceremony and joined in with our receptions. The service was beautiful and the love surrounding us was even better. A huge shout out to Mary for Sundays cater and to Carol, Gail, Kathy & Marcia for backing the kitchen Saturday & Sunday. Warm hugs to each of you. 

Wishes to you all for a wonderful month of May!


Jim Fisher, Co-Warden

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