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Vestry Vacancy Election

We congratulate and thank Nancy Reynolds on her election to fill the seat vacated by David Jones’ recent death. Nancy has served before and made significant contributions to Vestry discussions.

Register Needed

As hard as Richard tried to manipulate anyone that would listen into being Register, none succumbed to his wiley ways. Folks, we need a Register! Anyone willing to attend the Vestry meeting and take the minutes will get a special star in Heaven (so Richard says).

COVID Restrictions

In keeping with the Bishop’s recommendations and CDC Guidelines, we ask that you wear a mask while in Church, social distance, and refrain from physical contact. We are suspending all refreshments until further notice. Many thanks to your special efforts difficult times.


We’re sorry to learn that the AL-Anon group that has met at Epiphany for many years has disbanded due to a number of deaths and transfers. Their presence has added to the ministry of Epiphany. We’re sorry to see them go and wish them well.

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