COVID-19 Guidelines Update

A short video from Rev. Richard Bridgford on the COVID Guidelines update from the Bishop. To check the “Positivity Rate” as described in the video, simply visit: and then select “Norfolk” from the “Health District” drop-down menu.

Update on Church Regathering

Yesterday afternoon I received an email from Bishop Haynes notifying me that she was approving Epiphany’s Regathering Plan. I am aware that some of you want to regather immediately, and others are saying it is too early. Julia and I have discussed our options. We both feel that the numbers in our area are too high, and … [Read more…]

Happening at Epiphany

Today’s Happening at Epiphany includes a video from Rev. Richard Bridgford. So grab your popcorn and enjoy the show! We are compiling a gallery of pictures of Epiphany members to document life during the Pandemic. Please email your photos to our webmaster, Buddy Pate at: We are also collecting historical pictures of Epiphany and … [Read more…]