A Word From Julia

Dear People of Epiphany,

Since January 2014, it has been my pleasure to serve God with you and Richard. I appreciate your hospitality, support, and kindness as you’ve helped me to fulfill God’s calling to be both a grandmother and a priest. As many of you realize, while my daughter and son-in-law worked full time, I was able to commute to NoVA to provide full time daycare for my grandsons and also to serve part time as assisting priest for you. In the meantime, I fell in love with you—what a vibrant community you are, sharing fully as lay leaders in the church’s ministry and being the Body of Christ in this place!

My last Sunday as your assistant priest will be 7/23/23! What a bittersweet moment in our life together! I am grateful to God, Richard, and you!

Peace, Julia 

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  1. Sitting here from afar; in one way my heart is breaking watching these profound changes happening at Epiphany while I’m to far away to help much. In another way my heart is full of the love the Epiphany family shared with me, and still does. Change is difficult. The people at Epiphany is a most resilient ( spellcheck wanted to say ridiculous) and caring community. We will all be fine. I can’t help but share Epiphany love with the people I’m now getting to know up here in New Hampshire.
    God bless Julia and Richard, and all my Epiphany family. We will keep in touch through prayer and on line🙏❤️

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