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“You have to get us back to where we were before the pandemic.”

Almost every time we gather, whether for Sunday worship, vestry, a chat in my office – I am told that the pandemic is over. Now I need to get things right again. I need to get attendance back to where it was, get giving back to where it was, rebuild the choir, get Sunday School going again, etc. I had one member chew me out for allowing the pandemic to effect the parish.

This past Saturday, our Diocesan Council was held in Williamsburg, with an in-person business session and Eucharist. It’s tradition for a bishop to give an “address” at Council. Bishop Haynes chose to give her address within the Eucharist, instead of a homily. She is a truly good speaker, and as soon as she started, I knew she was talking about Epiphany, and probably every other congregation in the church. What she said, needs to be heard by all of us, if we’re going to move on.

Following is Bishop Haynes address. It lasts about 15 minutes. I beg you to listen to it. I don’t want to just quote her. I want you to hear her for yourself. Please take a few minutes and listen to the Bishop’s Address by clicking the link below.


March 1, 2023


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