Morning Prayer, Fifth Sunday of Easter

Welcome to Morning Prayer, Fifth Sunday of Easter, with Rev. Richard Bridgford and Rev. Julia Ashby. Readings by Marcie Kidd. Music by Joe Ritchie and James Coaxum. Prelude (0:00) Welcome & First Reading (1:22) Music by Joe Ritchie and James Coaxum (4:49) Second Reading (6:29) The Homily (8:37) Prayers & Dismissal (16:07) Postlude (21:53)

Happening at Epiphany

Today’s Happening at Epiphany includes a video from Rev. Richard Bridgford. So grab your popcorn and enjoy the show! We are compiling a gallery of pictures of Epiphany members to document life during the Pandemic. Please email your photos to our webmaster, Buddy Pate at: We are also collecting historical pictures of Epiphany and … [Read more…]

Clergy Clatter

May 2020 Oh – have I ever learned a thing or two during this “shelter in place.” First – I don’t ever want to retire unless I go directly into a nursing home. Secondly, I really get tired of my own company. Third, I knew I was a bad cook, but I didn’t know HOW … [Read more…]