Happening at Epiphany

Today’s Happening at Epiphany includes a video from Rev. Richard Bridgford. So grab your popcorn and enjoy the show! We are compiling a gallery of pictures of Epiphany members to document life during the Pandemic. Please email your photos to our webmaster, Buddy Pate at: emmett@epate.com We are also collecting historical pictures of Epiphany and … [Read more…]

Clergy Clatter

May 2020 Oh – have I ever learned a thing or two during this “shelter in place.” First – I don’t ever want to retire unless I go directly into a nursing home. Secondly, I really get tired of my own company. Third, I knew I was a bad cook, but I didn’t know HOW … [Read more…]

Easter Sunday

Prelude (0:17) Welcome (1:43) Lighting of the Paschal Candle (2:23) Liturgy of the Word (5:19) The Gospel (6:35) The Homily (8:12) The Creed (12:33) Prayers for the People (14:10) The Great Thanksgiving: Eucharistic Prayer C (17:22) The Blessing and Dismissal (24:12) Music: Joe Ritchie

Palm Sunday

Prelude (0:06) Welcome(1:50) Liturgy of the Palm (2:15) The Holy Eucharist: Rite Two (5:40) The Gospel (6:19) – Eucharistic Prayer B (22:39) Holy Week Prayer (29:02) Postlude (29:30) Music: Joe Ritchie