Clergy Clatter

February 2020 A haunting dilemma. A group of us took a weekend in New York City before Christmas. We saw the Christmas Show at Radio City, visited Rockefeller Plaza, Times Square, Saint Mary the Virgin, Grand Central, and all of those other wonderful Midtown Manhattan “must sees.” Someone suggested that we visit the 9/11 Memorial. … [Read more…]

John 1:29-41

Well, our readings today really move us away from our Epiphany story, don’t they? No more Magi. No more shepherds. No more star. No more Herod. No more dashing from place to place. But it’s still Epiphany, with its theme of “manifestation”, or “showing forth.” So, now our readings turn to passages like this morning’s … [Read more…]

Christmas II

In our liturgical calendar, today is known as “The Second Sunday after Christmas Day.” These “Sundays after Christmas” always feel kind of weird. If you go into almost any store, all of the Christmas stuff is gone, and in many places, the Valentine’s Day stuff is out – while we sit here singing Christmas Carols. … [Read more…]

Christmas Eve

This past Sunday Evening, ABC’s “60 Minutes” aired a special on “The 11 Churches of Lalibela.” Lalibela is in Ethiopia, and the 11 churches belong to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, which is one of the oldest, purest Christian churches in the world. The 11 Churches of Lalibela are in a very remote volcanic mountain region … [Read more…]

Clergy Clatter

January 2019 I’ve debated for the past few years whether or not to put up my Christmas Tree. When you live alone, it’s easy to set that sort of thing aside as “too much trouble.” I’m one of those strange people who assigns personalities to inanimate objects. And each year at this time, I think … [Read more…]