Easter Sunday

Prelude (0:17) Welcome (1:43) Lighting of the Paschal Candle (2:23) Liturgy of the Word (5:19) The Gospel (6:35) The Homily (8:12) The Creed (12:33) Prayers for the People (14:10) The Great Thanksgiving: Eucharistic Prayer C (17:22) The Blessing and Dismissal (24:12) Music: Joe Ritchie

Palm Sunday

Prelude (0:06) Welcome(1:50) Liturgy of the Palm (2:15) The Holy Eucharist: Rite Two (5:40) The Gospel (6:19) – Eucharistic Prayer B (22:39) Holy Week Prayer (29:02) Postlude (29:30) Music: Joe Ritchie

Clergy Clatter

April 1, 2020 When I was in seminary, one of the required classes in the core curriculum was “Homiletics” (preaching). It was held in an old chapel that they called the Oratory. It met twice a week, and at each session, two students preached on an assigned text. We then picked each other apart, unmercifully. … [Read more…]

Happening at Epiphany

Today’s Happening at Epiphany contains a short video regarding plans for Holy Week. Please enjoy the show! Popcorn optional. March 29, Sun., 8:00 AM and all day – Morning Prayer & Homily Video for the Fifth Sunday in Lent. Video is on Youtube and will be available on our Facebook page and webpage. Sunday’s Constant … [Read more…]

Lent II John 3:1-17

Our Gospel Reading this morning is the story of Nicodemus. It’s from the Gospel of John, and the last time I checked, they were pretty sure that it was written in what is now Turkey. It’s very Greek in its thinking, and I always like that. They think John was written “as a teaching story” … [Read more…]

Clergy Clatter

March 2020 Sometimes one just has to bite the bullet. For years we’ve been debating the pros and cons of going to an electronic newsletter. We’d chew on it for a while in the office and at vestry. Then we’d put it away and continue what we were doing. But outside forces are pushing us … [Read more…]